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Company MD Steve Midgley speaks at a special careers day at Heanor Gate Science College

We were delighted to be able to organise and attended a recent careers day at Heanor Gate Science College – speaking to students about the range of careers open to them in the homebuilding sector upon leaving school.

Company MD Steve Midgley, who is also a Governor at the school, helped to plan and coordinate the event with several other guest speakers joining him on the day – including representatives from the nursing sector as well as employees from the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce and Rolls Royce.

The aim of the day was to pass on important careers advice to the children with the hope of better informing them about future career paths  – including those outside of further education.

As well as Steve, our Design Assistant and Homebuilding and Skills Partnership Champion Carrie Stenton attended on behalf of Fairgrove to share her expertise to a group of year 10 students. This included explaining the complete build process as well as the range of careers and trades open to people at apprenticeship level and higher.

Speaking after the event, Steve said, “The enthusiasm and interest shown by the students in homebuilding and the range of trades open to them when they leave school was very encouraging to see,”.

He added, “It’s no secret that there is a shortage of young people entering our industry and at Fairgrove, we are committed to meeting the skills shortage – which has been demonstrated through our apprenticeship schemes in areas such as joinery and bricklaying. We hope that through our attendance at the careers day, we have inspired some of the next generation to consider a future career within the homebuilding sector.”

Gemma Tyers, Sixth Form Achievement Leader at Heanor Gate Science College said, “I would like to extend a big thank you to Steve, Fairgrove and all the other guest speakers that gave up their time to attend the careers day,”.

“Having speakers come in and pass on this information is vital because we are aware that not all children want to go to university – so having knowledge of the variety of careers open to them really opens their eyes and will hopefully inspire some of them to consider one of these paths in the future.” she added.

Magnetic plaster transforming walls into creative spaces

Walls aren’t just walls at Fairgrove. We like to think of them as spaces for creativity, interaction, and organisation.

Bringing your home to life, ThistlePro Magnetic plaster attracts magnets and comes as standard at Hansons View for a selected area and is an optional extra for further areas (plot or house type specific). Say goodbye to drawing pins, nails, Blu Tack and Sellotape – pictures, letters, and useful phone numbers can all go up on the kitchen wall one day, then be cleaned up the next. Ideas can be spread out across the wall of a home office, then taken down without leaving a trace. And the children’s bedroom wall can become a giant space for children to unleash their imaginations without permanently marking the walls.

We know people will love being able to personalise their space as soon as they move into Hansons View. With magnetic strips on picture frames and posters, the look of a room can be transformed quickly and easily, time and time again. And because ThistlePro Magnetic plaster works through standard emulsion or wallpaper, it can either blend in with the room décor or add character to a home as a stand out noticeboard feature, using blackboard or chalk paint.

Magnetic Walls are just one of the ways we’re going beyond traditional housebuilding to create better living experiences. Try it for yourself in our interactive marketing suite at Hansons View, on the site of the old Kimberley Brewery in Nottinghamshire.


“Our homebuyers can express themselves time and time again with magnetic walls, transforming the living space around them without damaging the walls.”
Patricia Anderson, Sales Advisor – Fairgrove.


We’re urging relatives of fallen First World War soldiers to come forward for historic plaque at former Kimberley Brewery site

We’re calling for relatives of fallen First World War soldiers who worked at the former Kimberley Brewery, to come forward and ensure that their ancestors names are included on a commemorative plaque being installing at the site to mark 100 years since the end of the conflict.

We are currently developing the site of the former Hardys & Hansons Kimberley Brewery in Kimberley.

When completed, the Kimberley Brewery redevelopment will consist of a mixture of townhouses, detached homes and apartments, with a significant part of the former brewery being restored to its former glory in order to remember a business that was an integral part of the town for over 170 years until its closure in 2006.

2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War, with a host of commemorative events taking place across the country to mark the occasion.

We have decided to remember those who worked at Kimberley Brewery and lost their lives in the conflict after being called up to fight, with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque later this year in the former brewery yard – which will carry the names of all those soldiers who died.

Speaking about the poignant tribute, our MD Steve Midgley said, “We cannot underestimate the sacrifices made by those who answered their country’s call during the First World War,”.

He continued, “We are keen to hear from anyone who had relatives working at Kimberley Brewery and left their jobs to serve their country. We want to ensure that we have not missed anyone off and that the names we have are correct ahead of the plaque being installed later this year. The finished plaque will be proudly displayed in the brewery yard as a tribute to the fallen men that made the ultimate sacrifice for future generations.”

If you had relatives that fought in the First World War and worked at the former Kimberley Brewery, and would like to get in touch with us, please call 0115 944 6700 or email info@fairgrove.co.uk.