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Investment made in employee mental health support

As an employer, we believe that there shouldn’t be a stigma attached to the topic of mental health and it shouldn’t be taboo to discuss how you’re feeling – especially in the workplace.

Recent statistics from Building Mental Health reveal that two construction workers per day in the UK take their own lives – so this year we have made it a priority to invest in increasing mental health support and awareness in order to improve employee wellbeing.

In March of this year, we signed up to support the Home Builders Federation’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign and become an official partner of Building Mental Health – an online portal built by industry experts, providing support and advice to increase ​awareness of mental health.

In doing so, we have gained access to a wide range of resources that will help us to achieve a better mental health culture, including a framework, adaptable Tool Box Talks, online tutorials, helpline packs, Mental Health First Aid training courses and much more.

These tools allow us to provide our employees with internal support or help in finding professional mental health advice.

Simon Midgley, our Land Director and Mental Health Ambassador, believes that this recent investment is a crucial part of our wider commitment to safeguarding all employees at Fairgrove.

“The culture within the construction industry is changing and must continue to change,” said Simon.

“Historically, people think that it’s wrong to feel anxious or depressed and won’t speak up about it. Often, they’re told to ‘man up’ or ‘hold it together’ and this is a very outdated view. The moment people open up and talk about how they’re feeling is the same moment that they start to gain access to the support they need,”

“We are passionate as a company about ensuring that our employees know that they can talk to a member of the team about delicate subjects, whenever they need to.”

All of our offices and sites now have signage explaining the processes employees should follow if they require support. Employees are also encouraged to be open about their emotions through either a face-to-face chat or conversation over the phone in order to receive the support they need at Fairgrove.

For more information about Building Mental Health, visit https://www.buildingmentalhealth.net/