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We’re building properties to the highest level of quality, thanks to a new partnership with British Gypsum

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with British Gypsum which will see us introduce a range of innovative building materials into all of our properties at the old Kimberley Brewery site in Nottingham. The materials which include Magnetic Walls, sound-proofing and super strength plasterboard will transform the day-to-day living of our customers.

Starting with the properties at the Hansons View development, we are introducing three new exciting British Gypsum products into the fabric of our homes, and buyers who have reserved new homes cannot wait to experience them first-hand.


Gyproc Habito plasterboard

Gyproc Habito super strength plasterboard is exactly that.  Designed to take a 15kg weight off one simple No10. woodscrew, this super strong plasterboard makes DIY easy .

“The durability of  Gyproc Habito means that walls are more resistant to damage and stay looking smarter for longer,” says our MD, Steve Midgley. “Our customers will be able to fix heavy or difficult items such as shelves or TVs into place without any need for drills or specialist fixings – just a simple screw straight into the wall.  It really is incredibly impressive.”

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Thistle Magnetic Plaster turns simple walls into creative spaces, ideal for kitchens, studies and kids bedrooms, as our Sales and Marketing Manager Vanessa Gregory explains: “ Thistle Magnetic Plaster is ideal for kitchen walls to hang notes or children’s artwork, or hallways for pictures or other decorative features.”

Silent Floor

British Gypsum’s Silent Floor is perfect for busy families who like to enjoy different activities at different times – whether that’s children playing a noisy game upstairs, while parents relax downstairs or drum practice in one room while other children study – Silent Floor is the perfect addition to eliminate noise between upstairs and downstairs.

“Silent Floor enables different members of the family to turn it up loud, or enjoy a quiet night’s sleep without any compromise,” adds Vanessa. “It’s ideal for today’s busy lifestyles – particularly where occupants might sleep or wake at different times, and it gained a lot of interest at our recent launch event.” 

We highlighted our new partnership and showcased the products to customers whose homes are currently being built at Hansons View, and each innovation was received with great enthusiasm.

“Sound Solutions is a brilliant innovation where you can keep the upstairs upstairs, and the downstairs downstairs!” said one happy customer.

“You really can put your things anywhere on your walls without worrying about them falling off the wall.” said another buyer impressed by the strength of the Gyproc Habito.

Our MD, Steve Midgley, is thrilled with the products and the British Gypsum partnership, and sees this as the natural next step for our brand.

“We pride ourselves on the quality of the materials we use to build our new homes, but these products really take quality to the next level,” says Steve. “They will transform day-to-day living for our customers and we are looking forward to incorporating them into many of our designs and builds in the future.”

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