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Silent Floor technology keeping the upstairs, upstairs and the downstairs, downstairs

We’ve built our houses with modern families in mind. Silent Floor technology has been included to limit noise transfer between upstairs and downstairs, especially useful for families living life to the full. Now, at Hansons View, a busy home doesn’t necessarily mean a noisy space.

We know homeowners don’t like having to keep the noise down in the evening when children are sleeping, find it difficult to work from home with others in the house, or are irritated by loud music and hobbies when teenagers are around. In a Fairgrove Home, you’ll have the freedom to make as much noise as you like, without disturbing other family members.

Silent Floor technology provides acoustic performance up to 15dB beyond Building Regulations. Our homes easily out-perform our nearest rivals by a long way when it comes to limiting noise transfer between floors.

With every development, we look for ways to give our home buyers more and, by including Silent Floor technology at Hansons View, we’re transforming how people live in our homes. Now, different members of the family can live, work, and relax in different parts of the house without disturbing each other.

Experience it for yourself in our interactive marketing suite at Hansons View, on the site of the old Kimberley Brewery in Nottinghamshire.


“Silent Floor is a great response to the modern family model, with more people

working from home and many young adults staying with their parents for longer.”

Vanessa Gregory, Sales & Marketing Manager – Fairgrove.