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Magnetic plaster transforming walls into creative spaces

Walls aren’t just walls at Fairgrove Homes. We like to think of them as spaces for creativity, interaction and organisation.

Bringing your home to life, ThistlePro Magnetic plaster attracts magnets and comes as standard at Hansons View for a selected area and is an optional extra for further areas (plot or house type specific). Say goodbye to drawing pins, nails, Blu Tack and Sellotape – pictures, letters and useful phone numbers can all go up on the kitchen wall one day, then be cleaned up the next. Ideas can be spread out across the wall of a home office, then taken down without leaving a trace. And the children’s bedroom wall can become a giant space for children to unleash their imaginations without permanently marking the walls.

We know people will love being able to personalise their space as soon as they move into Hansons View. With magnetic strips on picture frames and posters, the look of a room can be transformed quickly and easily, time and time again. And because ThistlePro Magnetic plaster works through standard emulsion or wallpaper, it can either blend in with the room décor or add character to a home as a stand out noticeboard feature, using blackboard or chalk paint.

Magnetic Walls are just one of the ways we’re going beyond traditional housebuilding to create better living experiences. Try it for yourself in our interactive marketing suite at Hansons View, on the site of the old Kimberley Brewery in Nottinghamshire.


“Our homebuyers can express themselves time and time again with magnetic walls, transforming the living space around them without damaging the walls.”
Patricia Anderson, Sales Advisor – Fairgrove Homes.